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History of Japanese Animation:part one.2
The movie-law will be enacted in 1940 and the new situation will arise. It is because the article of a compulsive show of a cultural film was in this law. An animated cartoon is made into a kind of a cultural film, and comes to be suddenly brought into the limelight.It is the return for theaters.
But if it line-up Seo's "AHIRU RIKUSENTAI(Army of Ducks)"(35)Ginjirou Sato's "MAABOU NO TAIRIKU SENNBTAI(Spy Army in China of Boy Maabou"(42,directed by Yoji Tiba),Sanae Yamamo's "SUPAI GEKIMETU(Destruction of spy)"(42) and Ryotaro Kuwata's "TOUKYUU NIKUDANNSEN(Battle by Baseball)" (43), it is clear in why there was any purpose of the cultural film. Although animeted cartoon is one of the art, because it was thought inferior, it could not but become such a direct expression. However, even if it takes it into consideration, it is not the talk praised not much.
But the theorem that the result of a work will become good if many the money and time in making animation was the same also in this case. The animation of our country which has acquired the economical base for the first time since birth showed fast progress in respect of technology. The result was Seo's two feature length works.
I will return to Kenzo Masaoka. In spite of under such environmental situation ,his footprint which followed the original way becomes the big comfort of our heart. With together of after-recording and pre-recording are used by "BENKEI TAI USHIWAKA (39)", invigorating animation is developed. And the works which are completely unrelated to the jingoism feeling of a world are made from "KANNGARUU NO TANNJOUBI (Birthday of kangaroo)" (40) and "KARITA BOUSHI (borrowed hat)"(41) by the fairy tale of a Michiko Yokoyama original. But since "FUKUCHAN NO KISHUU (FUKUCHAN's surprise attack)" (42) is made, a rebellious spirit did not make it do so, but it can be said that it made his way where a principle-of-art-for-art's-sake-attitude is original follow.If it becomes under the condition which should be satisfied more, it will be touch that anything will be made. It did not necessarily refuse by having not only taken an advantage.
If said, the work which Masaoka, a nonpolitical person, made was "KUMO TO CHURIPPU.(Spider and tulip)" (December, 42 completion) It will be necessary to stop this to memory. Since those who had stated not only the field of animation but that it aspires and is high to this time have also made the work of organization praise after all.
The girl of ladybug is passing the time leisurely, singing with "ladybug is child of sun" in the field where a solar light shines. Spider of the randy-man style which was wearing the straw hat and rolled the muffler appears there, and smartness and sweet voice are applied to arms and it applies invitation to ladybug. However, it is refused. It still presses for spider obstinately. Although ladybug runs in into a tulip, spider will make a tulip bundled hair with thread. It only waits for time to pass.
Clouds arise and quiet field serve as a rainstorm at midnight. Although Spider tends to become desperate and it is going to support the body, it will fail to be shaken into a pond at last.
In the morning, the tulip which kept bearing a storm.And ladybug comes out out of a tulip, and she glorifies peaceful time.
Conspicuous contrast with the glaringly vivid depiction at the time of a storm, and the depiction filled with the quiet image before and behind a storm. Technology of the animation of the brilliant ability which made it possible. Furthermore, the gorgeous sound by 80 persons' orchestra by pre-recording.(After-recording is common in Japan. It is also present.j Although this work is released in April 1943 when the inside of Japan was dyed a wartime-look, there is no smell of war in this animation. As Masaoka, although Michiko Yokoyama's original would only be built in the style of a "Silly Symphony", it is the work which "peace" dared be added in writing and had appropriate qualification.
While ruin of Japan was approaching, SEO was making "God soldier of sea and Momotaro", and, simultaneously with "Spider and Tulip", "UENOSORA HAKASE(Doctor UENOSORA)"(44) was further made by Hajime Maeda and Kei Asano. It is said that speedy deployment and the simple design of "UENNOSORA HAKASE" were what takes limited animation in advance. Surely the animation community of our country marked the one time.

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